Learn to speak Spanish in Mexico:

The Spanish Institute is a world class learning and training School in Mexico, from 3 years consecutively it was awarded the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) - Education Excellence Award. One of the prestigious Latin American Educational Board Award of Excellence for 3 years as well. Nevertheless they been credited with best Spanish Immersion program in Mexico by renowned "Language Learning Magazine".

Highly suggested by "Let's Go, Mexico Travel Guide", by the book "When in Mexico, Do as the Mexicans do", by the International Herald Tribune newspaper & among the Top-rated Language Schools by Student Traveler. After recieving the "Excelsis Award" for Excellence in Education from the New York based Global Quality Foundation they also received the award for Mexican Educational Enterprise of the year. Having contributed actively towards the Celebration of Mexico within the Library of Congress of the United States. it has been collectively recognised by approximately175 universities worldwide naming few are the world's best like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, etc.

Now the question comes to as to why learn Spanish? Four hundred and twenty six million people speak Spanish around the globe. as well it is the official language in over twenty one countries. Becoming a professional on the knowledge of the language will bring many untapped opportunities to personal and professional growth o individuals seeking to learn the language ..

Spanish speaking is a dire necessity on the global arena today as its benefitting many more around the world to open gate of success and immerse in spanish programs. It brings cultural diversity and understanding to many oblivion to such vast historical lands across the world . Learning spanish is as the youngsters call" AN IN thing " as there are many industries for example hospitality , education where language plays a vital growth for an individual .
We are a proud to state that our students have made it big on world over platforms and have been contributing in big numbers to many business with their fluency and command over the language. One thing in common that all these students enjoy is there all belong to the most preferred languages school of Spanish Institute of Puebla. Our modules and courses are custom made to enable students with different background grasp the language easily . With 35 years in our kitty and many more years to come we at spanish institute of puebla are a proud institute like no one else.